Kai Bracher


Welcome to my Site!
My name is Kai Bracher, artisan, designer and owner of the cabrada shop at shapeways.

My goal is to create amazing 3D printed objects that would be impossible or extremely expensive to produce with conventional techniques.

Thanks to the fast evolving 3D printing technology, today´s advanced sculpting software and fast hardware we can build objects and sculptures we could only dream of a few years ago.

It almost feels like sculpting a fantastic object in your mind, without the distorting forces of gravity or static restrictions of the material- at least during the modeling phase. Only that today, through 3D printing, you can hold a physical manifestation of that fantasy in your hands.

For years I have filled sketchbooks with impossible to build sculptures. But eventually the time has come to materialize all that fantasies!

So, every month I release a 3D printed sculpture, home accessoire or other 3D printed object.

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