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Archives: November 2016

romantic candle holder -Lovers- Kai Bracher

My beautiful romantic candle holder, 3D printed is steel.

Entwined and entangled, yet both stand their own ground and leave each other room to breathe.

Together they flourish more splendid than each one alone could and they carry heavy weights.

The „Lovers“ have ignited some fire and they keep it burning…

This candle holder is  the perfect gift for this other half of you that makes you a better person….

It is available here.






3D printed candle holder Future Artefact 012

3D printed candle holder Future Artefact 012 . Another beautyful artefact from the future….

In collaboration with the „Institute for Future Artefacts“ ( IFA).

This particular Future Artefact is estimated to originate from a time around 35 000 AD and it has yet to be found out, what exactly it´s original purpose was .
Scientists at IFA working hard to figure out more details about Future Artefact 012.

In the meantime we are glad to at least being able to offer this  3D printed replica of the mysterious future object.

For this purpose, smaller modifications were made, so that this fascinating relic from a distant future can now serve as an exquisite candleholder for 3 candles.

This magnificent object stands almost 25 cm wide and is 3D printed in steel  at shapeways.

3D printed candle holder Future Artefact 012 is available here.