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Kai Bracher Angels Lange Nacht der Bilder Beitragsbild blog


Im Rahmen der „Langen Nacht der Bilder“ werde ich am 06.09.2019 von 18-24 Uhr mein Atelier öffnen und meine neue Skulpturenreihe „Angels“ vorstellen.

Das Atelier  befindet sich in der Kunstfabrik HB55 in der Herzbergstrasse 55 in 10365 Berlin in der 3ten Etage (Raum 3.34).


Nach dem Tod eines geliebten Menschen entstanden auf einer Weltreise Zeichnungen, Collagen, Scribbles, Texte und Ideen, die immer wieder um Frauengestalten, Liebe, Verlust, Schönheit und Vergänglichkeit kreisen und versuchen die Flüchtigkeit des Augenblicks und menschlichen Lebens in einem Moment voller Schönheit einzufangen.

Die Wellen des Meeres, spiralförmige Muscheln, welkende Blätter, ineinander verflochtene Pflanzen, flüchtige Wolkenformationen und andere Naturphänomene haben die dabei entstandenen Zeichnungen und Skulpturen inspiriert.

Sie tauchen in den Arbeiten immer wieder als wellenhafte, verschlungene, spiralförmige und sich auflösenden Formen auf, die sich zu den fraulichen Gestalten der „Angels“ verdichten, ohne jedoch allzu konkret zu werden.


I will open my studio on september 6th from 6pm to midnight for the „Lange Nacht der Bilder“  and show a new series of sculptures:“Angels“.

The studio is located in the Kunstfabrik HB55 at Herzbergstrasse 55 in 10365 Berlin on the 3rd floor (room3.34)



Inspirational ring Done is better than perfect- 3D printed ring- Kai Bracher

Inspirational ring “ Done is better than perfect“

This moment, when you should have published a song, a book, a blogpost, a new painting or a piece of software. But you didn’t, because it wasn’t perfect. Yet. And so, you took some more time to tinker with it. To not having to show it to the world.

It’s always easier to not finish something because it’s not perfect. Because if it’s not existent, it can not be criticised, ridiculed or rejected. But it also doesn’t exist!!!

I always find it hard to show the world something that I made. Because there is always something that could be improved. Something that could put off the moment you have to show up. To enter stage. To say: „It’s me. I made this “. Or maybe even: „I like you! “

In these moments the sentence “Done is better than perfect” often has helped me to go the next step, to show something, to hit that „publish now” button.

So, I made this little inspirational ring to be a reminder, a thorn in the flesh, if you will, to go the final step.

This reflects on the surface of the Ring: The letters create a rough surface that makes it slightly uneasy to wear it. It’s supposed to be a butt-kicker after all! A constant reminder to FINISH and SHIP!

Because once you Ship, once you publish, all uncertainties, all fears and nervousness will disappear. Now you can deal with the facts. And listen to feedback. And make it better next time.

This ring is available in my shop.

LUX DRACONIS 002 Pendant- 3D Print _ Kai Bracher

dragon pendant LUX DRACONIS 2 is now available at my shop

I sculpted this pendant during a workshop with master jewelry designer Tomas Wittelsbach, whose comments really improved my design. So, thank you, Tomas!

Get this dragon  at my shop!!!

LUX DRACONIS 2 dragon pendant
Kai Bracher- inner beauty 2 pendant

My new 3D printed pendant „inner beauty 2“ is now available in brass and bronze

at my shop.


Dragon pendant LUX DRACONIS
Dragon pendant LUX DRACONIS is not for the timid and the shy.

It’s for the dragon tamers, for the confident and the proud.

If you wear this pendant you will stand out and attract attention.

Can you handle it?

Dragon pendant LUX DRACONIS is available here!

Kai Bracher-beautiful pendant- Inner beauty- 3D printed pendant

I just released this beautiful pendant

It’s called „inner beauty“

It’s available in brass, bronze and silver at my shop

Here are some thoughts on it:

inner beauty

…lies deep

…is true

…is innocent

…is pure


…makes you grow

…makes you laugh

…makes you cry

In this pendant I tried to capture some of that beauty.

May it match yours!

Learn more!


Future Artefact 003 - 3D printed candle holder

New 3D printed candle holder


Future Artefact 003 – „The harbingers ship“


Future Artefact 003 – „The harbingers ship“ features intricate bionic structures that float around a mechanical, yet almost ornamental structure.

Found in the distant future, carefully excavated and restored, materialized with 3D printing technology, this archaic vessel now serves as a beautiful candleholder for the connoisseur.


Future Artefact 003 – „The harbingers ship“ is available here.


Dragon cabinet handle - Design sheet for 3D printing

Since my little Dragon cabinet handle was successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter I was busy „shrinking“ my already published dragon doorhandle 10.
I had to shrink the handle to a smaller size and making some necessary adaptions and structural reinforcements for the 3D printed cabinet handles.

All my Kickstarter backers will get a limited edition of the Dragon cabinet handle in  „polished nickel steel“, once the prototypes have been 3D printed to my satisfaction.

Do you want to get noticed in advance when I´m launching a new Crowdfunding campaign ( for those attractive early bird offers… ) ?

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magic candle holder LUX DRACONIS 2- Kai Bracher- 3D printed candle holder

I just released my new dragon candleholder LUX DRACONIS 2

Keeper of the flame.

3D printed in steel.

This wall hanging candle holder will enchant your home.


The body of the beast is spiraling around the candle, while the wings form a shell that casts wonderful shadows on your wall.

Mounting: LUX DRACONIS 002 has a hole on the back and can simply be hung on a nail or a screw ( see image above).

LUX DRACONIS 002 is available here !