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Archives: März 2015

shY- 3D printed candleholder- Kai Bracher

3D printed candleholder „shY“

Just released a  new candleholder: „shY“
Have you ever been in this situation: You wanted to express your feelings to someone special.
But you didn´t quite dare…I bet you have!
Ouuhhhhh, this guy is the same.
But inspite of his fears he seems determined to make a stand and go for it…

And who knows: You might ignite a fire that´s worth all the anxiety….


I had the honor and the pleasure to show my dragondoorhandles on the shapeways booth at 3D Printshow Berlin.
German 3D-Printing expert and Youtuber Thomas Sanladerer made a great and informative video about the shapeways booth, including my work  :

dragons on the Shapeways-booth at 3D Printshow Berlin