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Archives: Januar 2016

LUX DRACONIS 001- 3D printed candleholder- Kai Bracher

new 3D printed candleholder: LUX DRACONIS 001

After a lot of work I´m happy to release my new 3D printed candleholder: LUX DRACONIS 001!

This candleholder is so big that it can´t even be printed in one part.

It has to be 3D printed in for parts, which we then weld together.


Get more information about this candle holder here!

Kai Bracher- LUX DRACONIS 007- 3D printed candleholder

This little 3D printed dragon candleholder can hold a tea light as well as a normal candle.
The aggresive looking beast carries a decorated bowl, that holds your personal dragonfire.
Neck and wings of the dragon cut through the bowl and form a „triple grip“ into which a normal candle is clamped. Note that those these wings and the neck have sharp edges to cut into the candle and hold it that way.
I would suggest using rather smaller candles (app.20 cm) than those really tall table-candles, since they fit and look better in this relatively small ( 7,5 cm ) candleholder.

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