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Archives: Januar 2017

magic candle holder LUX DRACONIS 2- Kai Bracher- 3D printed candle holder

I just released my new dragon candleholder LUX DRACONIS 2

Keeper of the flame.

3D printed in steel.

This wall hanging candle holder will enchant your home.


The body of the beast is spiraling around the candle, while the wings form a shell that casts wonderful shadows on your wall.

Mounting: LUX DRACONIS 002 has a hole on the back and can simply be hung on a nail or a screw ( see image above).

LUX DRACONIS 002 is available here !

dragon cabinet handle- Kai Bracher

I just started my first Kickstarter project:

This is part of the „make 100“ challenge at Kickstarter:

A limited edition of max. 100 copys of a „shrunk“ version of Dragon door handle 010, that will work as a cabinet or drawer handle.

The „make 100“ challenge will end January, 31 st.