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Archives: Juli 2020

Kai Bracher-3D printed dragon door bell

New 3D printed dragon door bell case is available is available at my shop.


This sculptural door bell case was carefully sculpted digitally and then 3D printed in grey nylon.
It combines the clean optics of modern technology with a classic and ornate look.
Also it’s always good to have a mighty dragon guard your home!!!

The stainless steel pushbutton is a standard size with an outer diameter of 19,4 mm and a red „glowing“ LED-ring.

For the LED ring in the push button to glow, there has to be an extra 12 V DC power line (2 wires) in addition to the wires that work the actual bell! Maybe check with your electrician!


Kai Bracher- dragon wall hook steel und 3 Materialien

Until recently I offered my 3D printed dragon wall hook only in steel.
But now the price for 3D prints in HP Multi Jet Fusion nylon material has sunk to a level, where it’s attractive enough to offer some 3D prints  in it. The material properties in terms of stabilty are pretty good and the Multi Jet Fusion looks better than the „classic“ nylon material.

All the 3D printed versions of the dragon wardrobe hook are available at my etsy shop.