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Dragon doorhandle 010 -3D printed dragon doorhandle

I finally finished and released my new 3D printed dragon doorhandle:


dragon doorhandle 010 .

This doorhandle is a little less ornamental and a bit more straight forward than it´s brothers.

It´s also bigger, which makes it easyer to grab.

Together with my recently added escutchons this dragon doorhandle can turn every door in a magic portal….

The pictures show dragon doorhandle 010 in polished nickel steel.

Other available finishes are: steel, matte black steel, matte gold steel, polished gold steel, polished grey steel.

This doorhandle is designed for the 8×8 mm square spindles that are used in most european countries.

The dragon is fixed to this rods in the old-fashioned way: with a steel pin, that runs through the square rod and locks the doorhandle to the rod.

Images show the version for right hinged doors. A version for left hinged doors is also available.

The version for right hinged doors is here.


new escutcheons for dragon doorhandles

new escutcheons for dragon doorhandles

A precious magical door handle deserves an adequate surrounding! This 3D printed new escutcheons for dragon doorhandles will provide it!

No matter, if you choose the more abstract escutcheons like “ the temple“ or some more concrete ones like “ the sentinel“ ( that pictures a dragon itself), these escutcheons can be freely combined with my dragon doorhandles ( or any other doorhandle for that matter…)

With currently 6 dragon doorhandles available (and counting), 4 different escutcheons and 8 different material finishes the possible combinations are almost endless.


3D printed sculpture - Oger wall sculpture- Kai Bracher

Did you notice that in many movies the hero  has a friend, who is  dumber, less attractive and clumsier than the hero himself ?
Besides that, he´s the guy  who is always good for a goofy mishap and some laughter…
They call that a sidekick and it´s most important job is to make the hero look GOOD!

I don´t know about you, but sometimes I wanted a sidekick like that in my life.

Since I never found anyone who met the necessary standards I designed and 3D printed my own little sidekick:

The Oger wall sculpture.

He is definitely not the brightest bulb in the box and he sure is always good for a laugh.
That´s why I have my Oger hanging right beside my working desk, so he can cheer me up anytime….

The Oger sculpture is available here

Kai-Bracher-Future-Artefact-005- 3D printed pendant .jpg

Exciting news:
I´m happy to announce a collaboration with the Institute for Future Artefacts (IFA).

The IFA is an international organization that searches and examines relicts from tomorrow.

IFA scientists have found a way to materialize Artefacts that don’t even exist yet. Basically they are archeologists that operate in the future.
They asked me if I could help to 3D-print some of their findings and I gladly said YES!
In exchange I was allowed to market and sell smaller replicas of these beautyful artefacts.

Future Artefact No.005

Future Artefact No.005 was found in the year 6278 on a moon of the 4th Planet of the Karlaban solar system in a side arm of the Andromeda Galaxy.

It is assumed, that it was made by the Ardianians, an old and very highly developed race, that has lived in this part of the galaxy for ages.

Then, a few millennia before, they miraculously disappeared and left only a few of these organically shaped artefacts…

The 3D printed pendant is a replica of the artefact.


3D printed candleholder LUX DRACONIS 006- Kai Bracher

After many changes my  3D printed candleholder LUX DRACONIS 006 is finally ready and for sale.

3 dragons entangled and intertwined in each other and in a bowl of fire..
The candle is hold by a rune-ornamented ring that is held in place by the wings oft the beasts.
The ring has an inner diameter of 20 mm which is pretty narrow and lets the candle „float“ in midair ( unless you force it all the way down). This was incidental, but I like it that way. So you might be able to watch a floating flame burn amidst the runering. And who knows what crazy kind of magic that will cause…
Since this is a relatively small candleholder, the print lines and the „grain“ of the steel is pretty noticeable, even in the polished version. Call it archaic….

Now onto something new…



LUX DRACONIS 001- 3D printed candleholder- Kai Bracher

new 3D printed candleholder: LUX DRACONIS 001

After a lot of work I´m happy to release my new 3D printed candleholder: LUX DRACONIS 001!

This candleholder is so big that it can´t even be printed in one part.

It has to be 3D printed in for parts, which we then weld together.


Get more information about this candle holder here!

Kai Bracher- LUX DRACONIS 007- 3D printed candleholder

This little 3D printed dragon candleholder can hold a tea light as well as a normal candle.
The aggresive looking beast carries a decorated bowl, that holds your personal dragonfire.
Neck and wings of the dragon cut through the bowl and form a „triple grip“ into which a normal candle is clamped. Note that those these wings and the neck have sharp edges to cut into the candle and hold it that way.
I would suggest using rather smaller candles (app.20 cm) than those really tall table-candles, since they fit and look better in this relatively small ( 7,5 cm ) candleholder.

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LUX DRACONIS 003 - 3D printed candleholder - Kai Bracher

This is my new work :
LUX DRACONIS 003 – a 3D printed candleholder

The first of an upcoming series of dragon-themed 3D printed candleholders.

The beauty of this little tea light holder not only lies in the design of the dragon, but also ( and maybe even more) in the wonderful shadows that are painted on the wall, once a candle is lit.

This nylon dragon can hold a standard Tea light of 39 mm (1 ½“) diameter.

It has a small hole in the back, on which it easily can be hung on a nail or a small screw.

It´s available here:



Striding man - 3D printed candleholder- Kai Bracher

I just got the news that there is an article about my 3D printed candle holders at 3Dprint.com, one of the leading 3D printing News portals.



Striding man - 3D printed candleholder- Kai Bracher

This is my new 3D printed candleholder „Striding man“.

And as a flame has to be carried with grace and elecance, this guy takes it´s job seriously. Maybe even bordering on the comical…. ?
It´s 3D printed in steel and is standing approx. 20 cm in height of course is available at my shapeways shop.

View more pics in my portfolio.