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dragondoorhandle no.3 – 3D print

dragondoorhandle no.3 – 3D printed creature

This dragon, called the „Swabian deepflight“ though a little mean looking, is actually a pretty nice guy. It can open you doors to rooms of recreation, rooms of fun, rooms of joy and desire, rooms of wonderful tastes and rooms of dreams …

You just have to install it! Which is pretty easy, if you live in Germany and the european countries, which use a 8x8mm square rod to mount doorhandles.

The dragon is fixed to this rods in the old-fashioned way: with a steel pin, that runs through the square rod and locks the doorhandle to the rod. ( see video) If your steel rod doesn´t have the coresponding hole, you can drill it in or get one of them adjustable rods in a home depot store.

The dragon has a square hole of 8,2×8,2 mm and should fit tight on a standard 8×8 mm rod. Beqause of manufacturing tolerances however, it might be necessary to widen the hole with a file.

Watch it in my shop.
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