Kai Bracher

dragondoorhandle no. 4 3D Print

3D-printed dragondoorhandle no. 4

Available here at my shapeways-shop.

The Photographs  show the 3D Printed  Doorhandle in steel with polished gold plated finish.

The Renders show other available materials. Asthere are are: steel, polished grey steel, matte black steel, matte gold steel, polished gold steel, polished nickel steel,

It is designed for the 8×8 mm square spindles that are used in most european countries.
The dragon is fixed to this rods in the old-fashioned way: with a steel pin, that runs through the square rod and locks the doorhandle to the rod. ( see video) If your steel rod doesn´t have the coresponding hole, you can drill it in or get one of them adjustable rods in a home depot store.
The dragon has a square hole of 8,2×8,2 mm and should fit tight on a standard 8×8 mm rod.
It is not suited for Outdoor-Use! It will rust!

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