Kai Bracher

Dragon candle holder LUX DRACONIS 002


From the beginning of time, fire has always had an unwavering fascination on men. Humans are the only creatures on earth who could tame fire and make use of it.

Fire warms and nurtures us. It can melt metal to form swords or ploughs. Fire can also kill, bring destruction and despair.

Sitting around campfires or by the light of torches and candles, people have in all times told their tales and legends – stories about good and evil, about love and war, about the dark and the light.

Like a river, fire is in a continual process of change. It’s always moving, every moment you look at it you get a unique picture that will never come back again.

Like fire, dragons – archaic, mythological beasts – speak to a deeper part of our souls that is receptive to myths, legends and imagination.

Like fire, dragons can bring death and destruction but also good fortune and hope (think of Chinese dragons).

In my LUX DRACONIS Series I use the mythological figure of the dragon to celebrate the dancing and ever changing beauty of the flame. Therefore, I concentrate on structures and the interplay of forms and movements rather than on a high level of detail.

After all, the real artwork is not only the sculpture itself, but it’s the harmonious overall picture of dancing light and shadow and the winged creature – a picture that unfolds in front of your very eyes. May it turn your home into a magic place and may it make wonderful images and tales appear in front of your mind’s eye!

Dragon candle holder LUX DRACONIS 002

Keeper of the flame.
The body of the beast is spiraling around the candle, while the wings form a shell that casts wonderful shadows on your wall.

Mounting: LUX DRACONIS 002 has a hole on the back and can simply be hung on a nail or a screw ( see image above).

LUX DRACONIS 002 is available here !