Kai Bracher

Dragon door bell „Guardian at your gate“

Dragon door bell „Guardian at your gate“

Let’s face it: most door bells are plain right boooring!

This Dragon door bell  isn’t.

The „guardian at your gate“ is a 3D printed doorbell case in the form of a dozing dragon.

He will make a visit at your home even more fun and exciting.


Mounting on the wall is pretty easy: You just have to screw the dragon onto your wall through the holes in the wings.

You can put any standard 19,3 mm ( ¾ inch) pushbutton into the case ( for the DO it yourself-Edition)


The dragon will be 3D printed in Alumide Material which is basically laser-sintered nylon with aluminum grains that give it a more  metallic look and feel.

I´d say Your visitors will love it . And I hope you do too.

The „Do it yourself“ version (only the dragon, without pushbutton) of the „Guardian at your gate“ is available here.

The complete door bell (with pushbutton) is available at my etsy shop.