Kai Bracher

Dragon doorhandle 010 – 3D print

Dragon doorhandle 010 .

A tireless guardian for your door.

This doorhandle can turn every door into a magic portal.

The pictures show the dragondoorhandle 010 in polished nickel  steel.

Other available finishes are: steel, matte black steel, matte gold steel, polished gold steel, polished grey steel.

This doorhandle is designed for the 8×8 mm square spindles that are used in most european countries.

The dragon is fixed to this rods in the old-fashioned way: with a steel pin, that runs through the square rod and locks the doorhandle to the rod.

Images show the version for right hinged doors. A version for left hinged doors is also available.

The version for right hinged doors is here.

Please note that the shown escutcheons are NOT included!

They are available here.