Kai Bracher

dragondoorhandle no. 5 3D Print


3d printed dragondoorhandle

This is a doorhandle like no other!
The „Beilstein Biter“ is  a frightening creature, that fills his enemys  with  terror.
In this case however, this mighty dragon has materialized into a harmless and  decorative doorhandle.
The neck and head of this dragon work as doorhandle.
This 3D printed dragon doorhandle comes with  2 rosettes.
The upper rosette indicates wings.
The lower rosette for the keyhole shows indicates the  tail of the dragon.
The handle can be mounted with a M6(Metric 6) set-screw on the 8×8 mm Spindle.
This mounting is almost invisible.
Please note that this screw is not included.
The doorhandle is not suited for outdoor use !
Watch it in my shop.
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Pictures and Video show the dragondoorhandle in “ matte bronze steel“.

Other available finishes are: steel, polished grey steel, matte black steel, matte gold steel, polished gold steel, polished nickel steel,

This dragon was chosen „Design of the week“ at canadian 3D Printing Blog Fabbaloo;