Kai Bracher

dragondoorhandle no.6 3D print

dragondoorhandle no. 6 – a dangerous beast

Does your home lack magic ? Bring some of it back! Here is the Cottenweiler coldsnout, a dangerous beast in an aggressive pose. His pointed snout and his ripped body catch the eye and irritate the hand. Every time you grab this handle you will be rewarded with an exciting tactile feedback. This is NOT your smooth and trivial commodity-doorhandle from the hardware store, this is a dragon! That means he is fascinating, mysterious and sometimes dangerous to deal with. Strange Runes on the shaft remind you, that magic is everywhere, even in the most ordinary things.

This pictures and the video show the dragonoorhandle in steel.
Other available finishes are: steel, polished grey steel, matte black steel, matte gold steel, polished gold steel, polished nickel steel.


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