Kai Bracher

Future Artefact 005- 3D printed Pendant

In collaboration with the Institute for Future Artefacts.

The Institute for Future Artefacts

The IFA is an international organization that searches and examines relicts from tomorrow.

IFA scientists have found a way to materialize Artefacts that don’t even exist yet. Basically they are archeologists that operate in the future.

Future Artefact 005

Future Artefact no 005 was found in the year 6278 on a moon of the 4th Planet of the Karlaban solar system in a side arm of the Andromeda Galaxy.

It is assumed, that it will have been made by the Ardianians, an old and very highly developed race, that has lived in this part of the galaxy for ages.

Then, a few millennia before, they miraculously disappeared and left only a few of these organically shaped artefacts.

It´s not known what caused their sudden departure, but legend has it, that in the areas, where these artefacts were found, prosperity has since flourished and never has a war been fought in these systems.

We don´t claim that this metal replicas of Future Artefact 005 will have the same effect, but then, we don´t say that they don´t…