Kai Bracher

LUX DRACONIS 001-3D printed candleholder


3D printed candleholder LUX DRACONIS 001

Do you want to make THIS evening unforgettable?

This 3D printed candleholder might help.

The creature clearly comes from a time and place where all magic was not yet forgotten.

And he brings you some magic fire. This dragon holds a bowl of light in his claws and on his wings, making it a classical 3-armed chandelier.

This could be THE candlelight dinner of your life.

But it´s not only suited for a dinner table.

This chandelier is a guaranteed eye-catcher, wherever it is placed.

The wings  have an ornamental design, so that, if placed in front of a wall you will see wonderful  shadows appear there.

The bowls are carefully designed with some outlandish symbols.

For the making of this dragon we used modern High Tech as well as classical handcrafting:

  1. The dragon was digitally sculpted in state-of-the-art 3D software
  2. It was 3D printed at the shapeways, the world`s biggest 3D print service provider
  3. Since it had to be printed in separate parts, it was then welded together manually in the workshop,where
  4. it was also heat treated with an acetylene flame (we call that baptizing the dragon) and got it´s golden finish with a brass wire brush.

This beautyful candle holder is available in my etsy-shop.