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3D printed dragondoorhandle 009- Kai Bracher

This doorhandle can turn every door into a magic portal.  The dragon sits on the spindle, as if he is a guardian of something.

His  wings are decorated with some organic, ornamental lines, as are his legs and head. The shaft shows some linear ornaments. Maybe these are some ancient runes…

This pictures and the video show the dragondoorhandle 009 in polished grey  steel.

Other available finishes are: steel,  matte black steel, matte gold steel, polished gold steel, polished nickel steel.

This doorhandle is designed for the 8×8 mm square spindles that are used in most european countries.

This doorhandle is available at my shapeways shop.

The dragon is fixed to this rods in the old-fashioned way: with a steel pin, that runs through the square rod and locks the doorhandle to the rod. ( see video)



3D printed wasp case for Micro Drone 2.0 and 3.0

I have the great opportunity to collaborate with „Extreme Flyers“, makers of the Micro Drone 2.0 and the upcoming 3.0 on drone cases.

The indiegogo campaign for the Micro Drone 3.0 will launch soon…

This wasp-case is one of the measures to create more attention and increase the appeal of the Campaign.

3D printed wasp case for Micro Drone 2.0 and 3.0

microdrone – 3D printed wasp case- Kai Bracher


I just released a new dragon doorhandle. It´s my first pull doorhandle.

And it shows a little dragon hatching.

Embedded in a mysterious structure, the beast to be is cracking it´s egg and is looking onto an unknown future.

This dragon doorhandle is app. 20 cm tall and can be easily mounted to a door using M8 nuts and screws.

dragondoorhandle 01- 3D Print -Kai Bracher

dragondoorhandle 01- 3D Print -Kai Bracher

You can get more info and pictures here.

This doorhandle is available at www.dragondoorhandles.com




shY- 3D printed candleholder- Kai Bracher

3D printed candleholder „shY“

Just released a  new candleholder: „shY“
Have you ever been in this situation: You wanted to express your feelings to someone special.
But you didn´t quite dare…I bet you have!
Ouuhhhhh, this guy is the same.
But inspite of his fears he seems determined to make a stand and go for it…

And who knows: You might ignite a fire that´s worth all the anxiety….


dragondoorhandle no 6- 3D print- Kai Bracher

I just got cool news:My dragondoorhandle is featured on the shapeways-blog .

Thank you guys!

Yippie!! 3D printed sculpture

3D printed Sculpture "Yippie"- Kai Bracher

3D printed Sculpture „Yippie“- Kai Bracher

I just released a new 3D printed sculpture „Yippie“.

It was modeled in Zbrush and 3D printed at shapeways.




dragon doorhandle no5-Kai Bracher

dragon doorhandle no5-Kai Bracher

I just got good News!

My 3D printed dragondoorhandles are „Design of the week“ at canadian 3D-Print magazine „Fabbaloo“.

Thank you guys  ! I really appreciate it !

…is the name of this little  sculptural egg cup, which also an work as a candleholder.

It is 3D printed in ceramics and it´s available here.

I just released my 3D printed Dragon Doorhandle  Nr 4.

It´s a fully functional doorhandle and it´s available at here.